Hello! I'm Hilda. 

To me there is nothing more wonderful than taking a simple lump of earth and using your hands to transform it into something beautiful. I love the simplicity and slow pace of ceramics - it's a welcome contrast to our modern, hectic lifestyles.

I have always been a creative person; I originally trained as a set designer and worked in theatre and events before turning my hand to ceramics. I now work from a small studio in my garden in South London making most of my work on the potters wheel.

Choosing your favourite handmade mug for your morning cup of tea turns that tiny everyday ritual into something that little bit more special. It gives you the chance to slow down and appreciate the small things. When you purchase a piece of pottery from me you can be assured that you will receive something completely unique and one of kind. Each piece is made completely by hand and I hope that the time it takes to create it and the care with which it has been made shines through.